Carter Karate Institute of Peace




Established in the memory of

Mack Carter Jr. & Dorothy M. Carter


The Carter Karate Institute For Peace
(a Washington registered non-profit)


     Discover, develop, and safeguard the integrity of the physical body, the unique mind, and the essence of the true personality through tools, techniques, and concepts designed to increase individual, community and world power to create global harmony.


Carter Karate has been at the forefront of local and international charities for many years. We have contributed to the following groups.

NEST-London UK – Earth homes in Africa
Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund
Japan Tsunami Relief Fund
Queen Anne Community Ctr, Seattle, WA

Martin Luther King Celebration, Seattle, WA
Oso Mudslide, Oso, WA
WE Day America, Seattle, WA
Family Shelter, Everett, WA

Make-A-Wish Foundation (December 2018)

Not only is it mandatory that students aid our community and society, but an integral and imperative role of Carter Karate.
After Carter Karate donated funds to the Oso Mudslide victims to a local bank the teller commented, “I didn’t know karate schools did stuff like this.” We want everyone to know that they do.

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